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Blog: Tokenisation or ‘smokenisation’: Do tokens provide real efficiencies and benefits?
This blog is the second in a series of three blogs that directly focussed on the implications of tokenisation, and a broader series of blogs looking at further topics stemming from tokenisation including stablecoins, decentralised finance, and non-fungible tokens.
Fintech Nuggets: BDTV Africa Trade and Business interview with Olaotse Matshane, IFWG Chairperson
Olaotse Matshane, Chairperson of South Africa's Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group shares South Africa’s approach to crypto asset regulation
Check out our blog: From digitalisation to tokenisation​
The IFWG today published its second blog on the website. In what the IFWG hopes to be a series of blogs on exploring how tokenisation may disrupt financial markets, this first blog seeks to define what the authors mean by tokenisation.
Fintech Digital Platforms and their Regulatory implications
The following topics are discussed on the video: Digital Platforms trends and strategic objectives, Digital Platform Benefits, Digital Platform Risks, The Future of Digital Platforms in South Africa
IFWG research report on Suptech in South Africa
IFWG research report on Supervisory Technology (Suptech) in South Africa to unpack the increasing use of Suptech tools to support supervision and risk management, as well as identify the benefits in using Suptech tools and challenges in rolling out these tools in South Africa

Promoting responsible innovation

Through the Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group (IFWG), we work together as South African financial sector regulators to demystify the regulatory landscape, provide a space for safe experimentation and actively advance innovation. Read more

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