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Press Releases

Press Release: IFWG Fintech Digital Platforms Press Release
Today the Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group (IFWG) published a research document investigating fintech digital platform activities in South Africa and their regulatory implication.
Press Release: Crypto assets to be brought into South African regulatory purview

The IFWG has today, through the Crypto Assets Regulatory Working Group (CAR WG), published a position paper on crypto assets. The paper confirms that crypto assets will be brought into the South African regulatory purview in a phased and structured manner.

Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group IFWG launch of Project Khokha 2
The IFWG has today announced the launch of Project Khokha 2 to explore the policy and regulatory implications of innovation in financial markets driven by distributed ledger technology (DLT).
Press Release: IFWG CAR Working Group Position Paper on Crypto Assets
This press release announces the publishing of the IFWG Position Paper on Crypto Assets, which provides specific recommendations for the development of a regulatory framework for crypto assets in South Africa

Press Release: IFWG Launches Innovation Hub to Promote Innovation

The IFWG Innovation Hub was launched in April 2020 to respond to changes in the financial sector driven by financial technology (fintech) and to promote responsible innovation in the sector.
Press Release: September 2019 IFWG Workshops Report

This press release announces the publishing of the IFWG report highlighting discussions held during its fintech workshops in 2019.

Press Release: Fintech Scoping in South Africa Report

This press release announces the publishing of the IFWG’s first Fintech Landscaping Report.